Producing high-integrity vessels for the semiconductor industry is a niche sector, and it is an area we at iCAM are experts in. Producing into the supply chain of all the major electronics manufacturers.

At iCAM, we produce new vessels that go through an extensive quality inspection regime. We have an external DOT.4B certified inspector, testing all aspects from raw material intake to complete vessels. Our quality department ensures all vessels are rigorously inspected to extreme tolerance to allow ourselves and our customers to know that we are supplying only the best quality products.

We don’t just stop at producing new vessels; here at iCAM we provide another specialist service inclusive of RIN testing, repairs, recycling, and re-certifying. In line with this comes an even more critical quality cycle. With vessels being returned, we need to ensure they’re safe for purpose following any incident that may have caused them to be deemed unsafe for use prior to return. We run extensive route cause analysis to determine the fault and our skilled inspectors and qualified welding repair team are at hand to tackle a wide array of faults and defects, ensuring all that can be done to recycle, and repair is done and is retested to DOT.4B standard and RIN tested.


  • We supply over 850 different combinations of bubblers, with over 30 different families.
  • We purposely build to satisfy our customers requirements; we design, assemble, quality check, pack, and deliver the product.
  • In addition to our company’s processes, we are constantly developing and improving all functions of our business. This has resulted in production facility improvements and modifications to processes to vastly improve quality, production, volume output, and employee working conditions.
  • As a service, we combine assembly operations with logistics functions to add value to our customers, allowing us to efficiently bring parts from our supply chain and allowing our customers to concentrate on their core manufacturing businesses.


As a quality assurance ISO 9001 accredited company for over 12 years, we are focused on delivering the following quality compliance infrastructure:

  • Customer focused.
  • Increased quality point checks
  • Continual improvement projects result in excelling in everything we deliver.
  • In-house quality training and development.
  • Excellent communications.
  • ISO 9001 2015 focused.
  • RFT – Right First Time
  • Supplier Development.

The Experts

  • Over 40 Staff
  • 36 years of experience in the cannister and bubbler fields
  • Ongoing training and education to keep up to date with modern practices.
  • State-of-the art machinery, ensuring we remain as efficient and effective as possible.

The Technology

  • Large investments made in equipment and training.
  • Leaders in orbital welding services
  • Five orbital welding lathe systems
  • Two Enclosed Head Orbital Welding Systems
  • Allows complete flexibility.
  • Backed up by highly skilled manual TIG welders.

Membership & Accreditations

iCAM holds the following Accreditations and Memberships Certifications proving our quality control system in accordance with the following standards.